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E-cycling Fundraisers

Orro is a fundraiser that gives students, parents, and organizations the opportunity to support their community, while positively changing the environment. We are a free eco-friendly movement that collects and processes used electronics ensuring the most resourceful way of reusing, reducing or recycling each individual item to help raise money for your organization’s needs.

Step 1: Contact Us

Call Us. Email Us.
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We’ll get in touch with you instantaneously!

Step 2: Collection Drive

We’ll organize the collection drive.
We’ll handle the logistics.

Step 3: You get the funds!

We’ll run our 60 day process to get your funds to you!


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Happy Earth Day to everyone. Show the planet some love today and recycle your old devices while helping local organizations fund-raise.

To make a donation, contact james@orrofundraising.com
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It's national OLD STUFF DAY! If you have any old broken or unwanted electronics such as computers, laptops, gaming consoles, printers, and more, drop them off to ORRO and help a local organization today!

All donations will be data-wiped, and either recycled or refurbished to help reduce e-waste in the environment. 30% of the funds will go to an organization of your choice :) So get recycling and decluttering!
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It's clean out your computer day! Did you know this "holiday" occurs every second Monday each month? Computers should constantly be cleaned and removed of viruses to ensure they don't slow down or are damaged through harmful files and malware.

If your computer is too old or broken to be cleaned of viruses and data, contact us to responsibly recycle it for you while providing local organizations the opportunity to fund-raise.
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Good morning! Some donations that were dropped off today by Steve Schwartz Associates Inc! ... See MoreSee Less

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Latest Projects

This is a sample campaign for the Animal Rescue League Fundraiser.

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Our goal by new years of 2015 is to help other organizations and businesses raise $250,000.  Together, we can make a difference.     If you’re interested in contacting us about opportunities with Orro and your organization, send us an email at: james@orrofundraising.com or use the contact form on our Contact page.

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Join us at Baldwin Lacrosse as we support the LAX champions in their journey for another championship and to defend the cup! Check out their schedule here: Baldwin LAX Schedule     If you’re interested in contacting us about opportunities with Orro and your organization, send us an email at: james@orrofundraising.com or use the contact […]

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12 year-old Victoria Fagan was diagnosed with severe scoliosis in September of 2013. The Spirit Elite cheerleading squad has come together to fight for her cause. Together, with Orro, they have discovered a unique and easy method of fundraising for Victoria’s cause and would appreciate your help!  We’d like to thank their sponsor, Fox’s Pizza […]

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