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E-cycling Fundraisers

Orro is a fundraiser that gives students, parents, and organizations the opportunity to support their community, while positively changing the environment. We are a free eco-friendly movement that collects and processes used electronics ensuring the most resourceful way of reusing, reducing or recycling each individual item to help raise money for your organization’s needs.

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We’ll organize the collection drive.
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Step 3: You get the funds!

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Introducing our new Orro Team Members, Savannah and Chris!
We had an awesome time at the Titanium Titans Robotics Team's first E-Drive! Enjoy some pics!

Chris's favorite part of the event was watching all of the students working together in their respective areas, coordinating strategies to gain an advantage over the other teams.
The community, effort, and enthusiasm was unforgettable. We look forward to being back to help them fund-raise towards a better education and opportunity.

If you wish to donate your electronics to the Titanium Titan's Robotics Team, please contact Chris at: chris.b@orrofundraising.com. (7 photos)
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The Titanium Titans are a high-school level FIRST Robotics Team dedicated to workforce development and establishing a pipeline of younger students interested in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

This weekend we are helping them fund-raise for their team to construct a robot! Their fundraising goal is $50,000.00!

JOIN US THIS SATURDAY, December 13th Noon - 3:00 PM @ The Peters Township Middle School. Fun, FREE PIZZA, and responsible e-cycling! Did we mention, FREE PIZZA?

Help them build their robot and potentially set a new Orro record!
You can check them out at: www.titaniumtitans.org/

Please contact Chris at chris.b@orrofundraising.com for any questions you may have, we'll be happy to answer them!
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At Orro, we take Data Sanitization very seriously and ensure every device that comes in is wiped thoroughly.

Your donated devices will always be safe with us the moment they are collected.
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Did you know: A small percentage of e-waste is estimated to be sent to recyclers.

In the U.S., as little as 11%-14%. The remainder is most often dumped or burned – either in formal landfills and incinerators, or informally dumped or burned. These inappropriate disposal methods for electronic waste fail to reclaim valuable materials or manage the toxic materials safely. In effect, our soil, water and air are easily contaminated.
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Join us at Baldwin Lacrosse as we support the LAX champions in their journey for another championship and to defend the cup! Check out their schedule here: Baldwin LAX Schedule     If you’re interested in contacting us about opportunities with Orro and your organization, send us an email at: james@orrofundraising.com or use the contact […]

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Our goal by new years of 2015 is to help other organizations and businesses raise $200,000.  Together, we can make a difference.     If you’re interested in contacting us about opportunities with Orro and your organization, send us an email at: james@orrofundraising.com or use the contact form on our Contact page.

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12 year-old Victoria Fagan was diagnosed with severe scoliosis in September of 2013. The Spirit Elite cheerleading squad has come together to fight for her cause. Together, with Orro, they have discovered a unique and easy method of fundraising for Victoria’s cause and would appreciate your help!  We’d like to thank their sponsor, Fox’s Pizza […]

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